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We offer a range of services from education to therapeutic. Options available in Arizona for patients and recreation.

Cannabis Services For Everyone.

We’ve designed services around patients and our own personal needs. Weed isn’t just “weed” anymore. We’re here to help guide you and offer our expertise on your personal cannabis journey. 


Marijuana services currently offered

Caregiver Openings Available for Qualifying Patients

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Health/Wellness Nutrition Plan with Cannabis

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Cannabis Marijuana/Hemp Product Consulting

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Individual and Group “how to” Educational Seminars

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Learn the different methods on how to use “flower” (marijuana buds). 

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arizona licensed caregiverS

are you or a loved one in need of a marijuana caregiver?

Arizona Marijuana Delivery offers marijuana caregiving assistance in Arizona. We have been helping patient’s access their favorite medical marijuana products for over 10+ years. Read more about our program below and how it may benefit you or someone you know.

Our team will connect you with our in-house doctor to set up your caregiving plan. From there our staff will walk you through the Arizona Medical Marijuana Caregiver registration and send your application. 

More information to come…